​Wait. What is a probiotic cleaner anyway?

17th Apr 2023

If you’ve ever been prescribed an antibiotic, your doctor probably mentioned you should take a probiotic to keep your gut microbiome happy. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in foods that protect our stomachs, strengthen our immune system, and fight disease. Taking a probiotic with an antibiotic is recommended because an antibiotic wipes out everything in your gut – the good and the bad. So, the recommendation of an added probiotic is to help replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotic wiped out.

Those same probiotics are good for your home’s microbiome as well. Did you know your home has its own microbiome? Fascinating, right? Most traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals to remove germs, although this “protection” is short-lived as it leaves your surfaces completely susceptible to harmful bacteria landing and quickly multiplying. And those harsh chemicals that are killing germs…well, they’re toxic to your skin, your lungs, your health and the planet.

Unlike traditional cleaners, hyve won’t kill all bacteria, but that’s actually a GOOD thing! The probiotics, or “good bacteria,” are crowding out the bad/harmful bacteria leaving them no place to land and multiply. With this method, we’re essentially bringing cleaning back to the way mother nature intended – just biology, no chemistry.

Here’s an analogy we love. Picture Times Square in New York City, bustling with people (or probiotics in this case). If a bad guy (harmful bacteria) attempted to land and cause trouble, he wouldn’t stand a chance against the fine people of NYC! They would crowd out the bag guy so fast! That’s the protection you are getting in your home when you use a probiotic cleaner.

It’s simple really – just spray, let the probiotics do the work, and wipe up! Or if you’re using Main Squeeze on the sink or sponge, just spray and walk away. Your army of powerful probiotics will do the job.

By harnessing the healthy power of probiotics, hyve has reinvented household cleaners to create a longer lasting clean while protecting our bodies, our homes, and our planet. We’re hopeful that the days of “killing 99.9% of everything” will soon be a thing of the past. But until then, all we can do is continue to educate. 


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