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The reason we started. The reason you should care. The reason for being. We hope you become a part of the fabric of our story.

The Problem with the Current Cleaning Culture

When it comes to clean, there is a common misconception that all microbes are harmful and should be eliminated using chemicals and disinfectants. However, this solution actually gets rid of almost everything and leaves behind the wrong things.

Harsh chemicals and disinfectants strip the good microbes we need to stay healthy while leaving behind a filmy residue and toxic chemicals. The loss of these good microbes also makes it impossible to crack the code to breakdown biofilm, which holds the majority of harmful microbes in the home.

When these popular products are done harming our homes, they continue to hurt the planet with unethical toxic ingredients entering the waste stream and packaging that is left to lounge in landfills. So the main problem? There is really nothing that is truly clean about our culture’s current routine.

toxic cleaners made in lab with bunsen burner and test tubes with chemical particles floating in air
the word why illustrated with probiotics to understand why probiotic cleaners are a better alternative

Reason You Should You Care

Because when harsh chemicals wipe out all the bacteria in your home, it weakens your home’s natural immune system and allows bad bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms to spread on your surfaces. Basically, this all makes you more susceptible to getting sick.

Our Solution

We are rebelling against cleaning culture starting by cleaning up misconceptions and replacing them with the clean that mother nature intended. Our solution harnesses good bacteria to produce enzymes that get rid of the bad, and most importantly, are safe and supportive for our people, places and our planet.

Probiotic cleaner sprayed on countertop and a hand wiping it

The Soul Behind our Solutions and the Story of Hyve Meet Our Founder, Shreya Patel

My journey to Hyve started with a simple question, "How clean is clean?" With a background in healthcare and a passion for the planet, I have always been fascinated with finding the best products for the health of myself, my family and my environment. While washing the dishes, I constantly wondered what was lurking on the sponge, but it was the moment I discovered the sink was the dirtiest place in the home (yes, even worse than the toilet) that I decided to put my wonders to work and find out what else we do not really know about the health of our homes. Turns out, there is a lot.

While doing research on home products, I learned that the cleaners that "kill 99% of germs" are actually getting rid of the good germs (microbes) that we need for our bodies' immune systems to stay healthy. As I searched to find an alternative solution, I discovered that the market was saturated with toxic chemicals, artificial ingredients and packaging that was just as much of a pollutant as the product inside it. To me, there is nothing clean about any of that.

I tried countless DIY cleaning recipes from various websites. During that time, I learned about the positive influences of good microbes while growing my extensive vegetable garden. That is when I decided to address my concern with "clean" by harnessing good microbes to create a new kind of clean. The one that mother nature intended.

Founder Shreya Patel sitting in a chair

"Hyve isn’t really about the individual cleaning products. It’s about creating a lifestyle brand where we don’t just reimagine clean, we create it, we live it—without disrupting or overcomplicating our natural environment. After all, the best things in life come naturally."

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