The Purpose of Our Products

You have at least three homes. Your body, your planet and wherever you are right now. Each of those homes (or Hyves) is what makes you, you. That is why in 2019, we set out to revolutionize clean with ingredients that consider every place you call home.  We ended up with all-natural high-performance cleaning products that fully care for every part of you—all by saying goodbye to chemicals and carbon footprints, while saying hello to biology!



A New Level of Clean

While conventional cleaners eliminate the good microorganisms that strengthen your home’s immune system, Hyve puts them to good work. Our natural solutions activate the good microorganisms to continue protecting your surfaces, long after conventional cleaners can. So you can spend less time worrying about your surfaces and more time on the things you love—all while staying healthier along the way.


We Believe in A Clean That is Fundamental

Hyve is plant-based and planet-approved. Our products are free from harmful chemicals that most conventional cleaners contain and loaded with mindful ingredients that they do not.

With responsibly formulated recipes, eco-friendly packaging and 1% of all profits going to the planet, Hyve is not only making a difference around your home, we are making a difference around the world.

giving back

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