The Key to Fast Drains without Chemicals

18th Jun 2023

For years, people have looked to dangerously toxic chemicals to clear slow drains. These products come with warnings like, “Keep hands, face, and children away from the drains,” and “Open carefully. Clean up spills immediately.” Cleaning shouldn’t be dangerous and these warnings definitely scream dangerous!

Additionally, clogs occur because of what’s called biofilm. This is a layer of bacteria or other microbes that grows on and sticks to the surface of a structure. Biofilm is a type of “shield” that has a glue-like consistency and because of the consistency, it catches hair, gunk, shampoo, etc., causing drains to run slow.

Because biofilm is made up of bacteria, the way to fight it is with bacteria and that’s where our beneficial bacteria come into play. Hyve’s probiotics penetrate the biofilm and begin to melt it away - without the use of toxic chemicals! With the consistent use of Drain Duty, drains stay clear and fast. With no buildup of biofilm, nothing can get stuck to make the drain run slow.

There are no caustic ingredients in our product, so it will not clear an existing clog. You’ll have to do some one time dirty work to remove whatever is slowing the drain (we recommend using a metal hanger - this allows you to pull up whatever is down there). But after the initial cleaning, Drain Duty will serve as a drain maintainer and keeps drains and pipes running clear! 


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