Creator Chat: Leslie of Karmadillo

5th Oct 2023

Can you tell us a bit about yourself/your background?
Although I have been certified to teach yoga, I have never taught a class. I took the training out of the desire to learn and because I love to know the "why" behind things. I created a cork yoga mat because I wanted a better yoga mat period, and one that was sustainable but also functional and stylish. I loved that cork was a sustainable material that had the ability to stay grippy wet or dry, unlike other materials that become slick. Other cork mats on the market were too heavy, stiff and unattractive, so I spent a lot of time working on prototypes, getting it right, and I am very proud and happy with the way they turned out. I used to work in the fashion industry buying fabrics, so it was important to me to be both sustainable and still meet certain aesthetic standards.

What was the inspiration behind Karmadillo?
As native Texans know, the armadillo is our state animal and for good reason. They represent "a deep respect for the land, the ability to change and adapt, and a fierce undying love for freedom" (a quote from the Texas legislature). They are prevalent throughout the southwest which informs the aesthetic of the brand, making them the perfect mascot for us. Plus, I love that when people try to shoot an armadillo the bullet goes flying back in their face. I think they started the saying "Good vibes only!" 

What trends are you seeing in your field right now?
Since the pandemic, there's been a big trend towards working out at home. A lot of people are taking more care to create a space at home where they want to practice yoga, and/or an online workout that usually involves a mat and one that goes with their home aesthetic. I love seeing the "zen dens" people create incorporating their karmadillo mats, it makes me so happy to fill a need like that.

Tell us some of the sustainable small businesses you like to support.
I love shopping at Local Pastures on Oltorf, supporting local farmers. The freshness of the groceries there is amazing., in Austin, San Antonio which sells returned furniture and other homegoods that are in perfectly good condition, still in the box but fraction of the cost. Vada brand sunglasses, not only sustainable but female founded are sold at By George. There's so many... 
Favorite yoga pose?
Cat/cows.... I know that's two poses, but you need balance!
Where can people find Karmadillo?
You can find Karmadillo online at (use code hyve20 for 20% off). Karmadillo is also carried at Willow Gardens in Buda, Lockhart and Body Shop in San Marcos.  



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