Ways to Show the Earth a Little Love on Earth Day

21st Apr 2023

Before hyve was even born, creating a product that was not only safe for our families, but also the planet, was a top priority. Each time you clean your sink, shower, toilet with hyve, you can know with confidence that you are washing down a SAFE cleaner that isn’t going to harm the earth.

Here are a few other small things you can do this Earth Day, Saturday 22, and every day to honor and help our one and only earth!

  • Look for ways you can reduce, reuse, recycle around your home
  • Conserve energy at home – turn off those lights!
  • Try using reusable paper towels. We love the products from Rosemary’s
  • Remember to turn off the water when you aren’t using it (ex. brushing your teeth)
  • Buy local! Check out your local farmers market for fresh produce and interesting products. And you know we are big fans of shopping small!
  • Volunteer! Locally here in Austin, organizations like Generation Serve have family-friendly volunteer activities.
  • Replace your lightbulbs with LED bulbs. They cost a little bit more, but last way longer and are super energy-efficient

  • These may seem like small things, but if you do them more often than just Earth Day, we’ll start to make a big difference. The Earth will thank you for it, and Earth Day will have done its job. 


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