The Home Microbiome

11th Jul 2023

The home microbiome refers to the collection of microorganisms that live in and around our homes. This includes bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes – both harmful and beneficial.

Each home has an incredibly diverse microbiome, with thousands of different species of microorganisms residing in various habitats within our homes. And with this diversity, each home has its own unique profile, or microbiome, which is influenced by geographical location, climate, building materials, occupants, pets and cleaning habits. And with each occupant in the house, each person is contributing to the microbiome by shedding our own microbes, sneezing, coughing and touching surfaces. And in turn, we are also picking up microbes from the environment and other people living in the house.

Exposure to these diverse microbes early in life can help build a robust immune system and reduce the risk of allergies and asthma. Another way of reducing the risk of allergies in children is introducing pets into your home. Cats and dogs have a distinct set of microorganisms, again influencing the home’s microbiome.

And while cleanliness is important, excessive use of antimicrobial products and over-sterilization can disrupt the home microbiome. That’s where hyve comes in! Our products are designed to introduce beneficial bacteria into the home to help restore and maintain a healthy microbial balance. What you see when hyve is sprayed onto a surface in your home is the probiotics (beneficial bacteria) removing visible dirt and grime. What you don’t see is those same probiotics crowding out the harmful bacteria. 


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