Beneficial House Plants

18th Jan 2023

Houseplants are so beneficial for our homes and mental health. Horticultural therapy has been proven to reduce stress and more. And many houseplants are low maintenance and easy to care for. 

Ficus lyrata, also known as the fiddle-leaf fig
Can be complex at first, but then very simple! 

Dracaena fragrans, also known as corn plant, dracaena or false palm
Prefer more humid environment and ideally near a window with filtered sunlight
*FYI, these are toxic to dogs and cats

Pilea Peperomiodes, or the Chinese Money Plant 
This is a great starter plant and they are easy to propagate - sharing is caring! 

Can be finicky figuring out the right amount of water they need, usually no more than once a week. Depending on the type of orchid, they'll either prefer bright, indirect light or low light conditions

Golden Pothos, also known as Devil's Ivy
Great low maintenance addition to your home, although it is poisonous, so keep away from children and pets. Indirect, bright light to partial shade is best for this plant

Peace Lilly
This houseplant lets you know when it's not happy. Doesn't do well in bright places, so find a darker spot for this one, so if the leaves turn yellow it's getting too much sun. Additionally, if its leaves are drooping, it's too dry

Benefits of these various houseplants include air-purifying properties, as they remove harmful toxins from the air. In addition to this, house plants can be very calming and therapeutic. Some are even said to increase concentration and help maintain blood pressure. 

Nature is simply amazing! Do you have any plant in your home? If so, what kind? We'd love to hear


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